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Enjoy unlimited access to the TruView TV Streaming Service. Kick back an enjoy your favorite TV Shows, news, late-night comedy, live sports, and more.

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Most Popular Questions.

Do You Offer A Free Trial?

Please check this link for more info on our trial options.

Compatible Devices For The TRUVIEW TV

Android box 4.4 or higher, Android phones or tablets, Android set top boxes, Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick, Nvidia Shield, & Desktop computer.

What Is The Minimum Download Speed Required?

25 Mbps is the minimum recommended download speed. For seamless streaming, we recommend a continuous speed of 50 Mbps.

Will TRUVIEW TV Work Anywhere In The World?

TRUVIEW TV can work anywhere in the world with an active internet connection. We are not responsible for countries that have content restrictions.

How Can I Renew My Subscription?

Please visit the HELP DESK via the main menu above and an Agent can assist.

How To Get Support If I Experience Errors?

If you are experiencing errors please visit the LIVE SUPPORT PAGE via the link above.

How Can I Add More Devices To My Plan?

You can add more device to you subscription plan at anytime. Up to 10 devices on 5 IP addresses allowed!

What Channels Are Included With TRUVIEW TV?

You can see a complete list of our supported channels by visiting this website. Please note that this channel lineup is subject to change at anytime without notice.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, and bitcoin for monthly subscriptions via one of our approved 3rd party processors.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

Simply chat with a representative on the chat box below and they can assist with the request.

How Do I Download The TRUVIEW TV APK After Purchase?

Once you subscribe to TRUVIEW TV, please visit the chat box below, provide the Agent with your order number, and they will walk you through the activation process.

How Can I Move My Service To A New Device?

To request that your service be moved, there is $7 disconnect fee. Simply pay the fee and submit the request and an agent will handle it right away.

Do You Have An Affiliate Program?

We do have an affiliate program. Please visit the AFFILIATE tab above for more Information.

Can I Use A VPN?

Yes you can use a VPN but it is not necessary to use a VPN with TRUVIEW TV. We highly recommend you use IPVanish VPN & IPTV together. Not only does IPVanish provide total privacy and peace of mind, it also enhances IPTV. Due to unjust restrictions, many users find their IPTV options limited. Connecting to a private IPVanish server in the global city of your choosing erases these limitations. Streaming IPTV content is also bandwidth-intensive, and ISPs decrease connection speeds as a result. But IPVanish VPN prevents your ISP from monitoring your streaming activity, so they’ll be unable to snoop while you watch IPTV. Start Now!

What To Do If I Experience Buffering?

Please be patient! If you are experience buffering on one or more channels, please know that the issues have been reported by the time you notice it, and our engineers are hard at work correcting the issues.

How Many Devices Can I Install This On?

Your subscription can be attached to a maximum of 10 devices on a total of 5 IP address per your requested subscription level if you are NOT activating your service via a MAC address. If you ARE activating a MAC address, note that only 1 connection per subscription level is allowed, with a maximum of 5 devices on 5 IP addresses..

Can I Use 2 Devices At The Same Time?

Each line has only one connection, you can use only one device at a time, multiple IPs is ok. If you want to use your TV while at home or your phone when away, no problem! Please remember, you can’t use 2 devices at once, your account will be at risk to be blocked. We don’t offer a multiple room subscription.If you would like to use 2 devices at once,a second subscription must be purchased.

How Many Devices Can I Use With 1 Account?

Using MAG or STB: Can’t connect 2 MAC addresses to the same account. Using M3u files: You can use one m3u file for multiple devices, but only one device at a time.

Do You Have Channels With Adult Content (XXX)?

Our server provider doesn’t allow add xxx content. They will stop the server. Currently, all xxx channels have been removed from our programming. I hope you understand. Thank you!